How Women in Manufacturing are Changing the Game

When you think manufacturing, what do you picture? A dirty man in overalls sweating next to a smelting fire, right? Maybe not that exactly, but for the typical American, an iconic image on a manufacturing floor from the first half of the 20th century usually comes to mind. But today’s manufacturing is far from that. In fact women in manufacturing are changing the game.
Sure, the look of manufacturing changes with more women involved because they look different than men, but that’s not what we have in mind. We’re talking about the perception of manufacturing being what you do when you have no education and no connections. Women in manufacturing are highly skilled workers who are sought after by manufacturing employers because they make businesses better, improve working environments, and broaden the skills of the companies for which they work.

Women are Making Companies More Competitive

Research has shown that diversity in a company’s workforce increases their competition with other businesses. Given that women are the largest section of the workforce, there is a great opportunity for women in manufacturing to raise the bar. Unfortunately, they are massively underrepresented in this industry. However, that only means that more opportunity exists for women to compete for these roles.

Diversity’s Wonderful Side Effect

It’s a little-known fact that diversity breeds happier employees that are more likely to stay with their companies. However, that’s exactly what research from 2013 shows. There is a connection between diversity and intent to stay. Since hiring women in manufacturing jobs brings more diversity to companies, it also increases the likelihood of employees feeling satisfied and sticking around. Less turnover saves companies time and money.

Women Bring Needed Education

As mentioned above, today’s manufacturing jobs are much more complex than those of yesteryear. With this growing complexity comes the need for more educated workers. Since women receive the most associate’s, master’s, and bachelor’s degrees, they are perfectly positioned for these new manufacturing jobs. Additionally, by moving toward the industry, women in manufacturing elevate the education of the overall organization, making it a more dynamic and capable workforce.

New Perspectives Equal Adaptability

Scientifically speaking, the female brain works differently than the male brain. More women in manufacturing mean new perspectives that help companies grow and adapt to the changes that all businesses face in the modern, global market. In other words, employees gain added value from women in manufacturing. Adding value is the name of the game in today’s competitive markets.
Those in the manufacturing world know that women are the future of the industry. Companies like Michigan-based LTC Roll are already capitalizing on the growing interest among women in manufacturing. Visit their website to learn more about what they do, Better yet, send a woman you know to their site to scan job opportunities. Women are changing the game in the manufacturing world. Will you be a part of the revolution?