Rocker Panels

When it comes to vehicles, some of the parts you don’t usually think about can matter the most. LTC has worked with leading OEMS, engineers, and metallurgists to figure out how to make rocker panels stronger, lighter, and more durable; which contributes to stronger, lighter, more durable vehicles.

We were one of the first companies in our industry to manufacture a roll-formed Martensite rocker panel. Today, our strong, lightweight martensite rocker panels go into four different vehicles for one major auto manufacturer. We fabricate and assemble the full assemblies in-house so that they’re ready to go straight into the vehicle the moment they arrive at the factory. Our unique approach and proprietary processes have increased the part’s strength while cutting weight, waste, and tooling costs. Our engineers figured out how to change from cost-intensive hot stamping in Martensite fabrication, dispensing with the need for special presses and tools. This increased the manufacturing process by more than 25%!

LTC’s unique approach to rocker panel manufacturing is readily adaptable to virtually any vehicle size or type, and can afford all drivers and their families the same added safety. And companies are taking notice! On average, our unique approach to rocker panel manufacturing saves our clients between 25% and 40% in both manufacturing time and per-part costs while reducing vehicle weight and boosting efficiency. Even though most drivers probably never see or think about them, they benefit from the added safety that these tough, durable panels provide.