Laser Tube Cutting & Bending

The Lasertube LT FIBER can be used to process round, square, rectangular and special shaped tubes plus optionally angle iron, channel and flat bar. With the appropriate assist gas the system can cut mild steel, stainless steel, copper, brass, and other alloys.

The Lasertube LT FIBER’s flexibility and high performance cutting capabilities make it an ideal machine for a number of industries; automotive, agricultural, industrial products, furniture, tube mills or steel service centers, exercise equipment, hospital and medical devices, construction equipment, fixtures and racking, and the energy industry.

The loading, chunking, indexing, cutting and unloading processes are all automatically controlled via CNC commands. The machine is flexible enough to produce prototypes or small batch production while at the same time easily and cost effectively processing large batch production.

The system’s versatility is showcased by the ability to run different cross-sections, material types and thicknesses without the need for dedicated and costly tooling.

The Lasertube LT FIBER combines multiple manual operations onto a single automated machine.

This means that the typical fabrication steps, such as sawing, grinding, punching, drilling and machining operations, which are commonly carried out on several machines in sequence, can be integrated into a single operation. This produces dramatic reductions in fabrication time and costs.

  • Work in Process inventory is reduced.
  • Floor space for material staging is freed up.
  • Conventional fixtures and dies are eliminated.
  • Tooling lead time, cost and maintenance are eliminated.
  • Small batch runs become cost effective due to rapid set up.
  • Virtually any cutting geometry can easily and rapidly be created.
  • The new product development cycle can be dramatically shortened.
  • Part quality, accuracy and batch to batch consistency are improved enabling robotic welding.
  • The non-contact nature of laser processing eliminates mechanical part deformation from piercing operations.

Tube Bending

  • No mechanical adjustments on tool set-up
  • Fully interchangeable bending tools
  • Increased productivity
  • Minimal time for programming and changeover
  • Extreme flexibility
  • Very small bending radii
  • Right-hand rotation bending head
  • For up to 4 different tools stacked at one time