Our Environmental Commitment

LTC Roll and Engineering is committed to responsible environmental stewardship in every aspect of our business and in every product and process that we touch. Our commitment begins in our mission statement’s promise to maintain a clean, safe working environment for our associates; but it goes well beyond that.

Everyone cares about quality – every associate at LTC Roll and Engineering is a part of our quality continuous improvement goals.

At LTC, environmental responsibility means using materials responsibly, minimizing waste, and always being aware of the impact our actions and processes have upon our associates, our working spaces, our climate, and the wider world around us. We conduct regular environmental audits to assess the impact of our processes, identify any areas for possible improvement, and develop strategies to do so. We view pollution prevention as a process of continuous improvement, and we are firmly committed to meeting all relevant environmental laws, rules and regulations.

We strive for quality

As we see it, environmental responsibility is both good corporate citizenship and good business, and it is necessary for the well being of our associates, our customers, and our communities. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about our environmental procedures and practices.