Quality First. Quality Last.
Quality Always In Everything We Do.

The LTC commitment to quality shows in the high quality, metal forming work we do and in what we’ve become.

What began in 1967 as a small shop dedicated to producing roll form tooling has evolved into a major international producer of quality rolled and stamped metal parts for major automotive manufacturers. LTC produces millions of parts annually, processes tons of metal per day, and provides a steady supply of the meticulously produced, defect-free parts needed to keep assembly lines rolling and keep America, Canada and Mexico in their vehicles.

Few of our original competitors are here today to witness our success. Despite changing standards, economic upheaval, and massive technological shifts, over the last five decades, we have survived and thrived! There’s a good reason why: LTC’s customers know they can count on us as their trusted partner to deliver. Major automotive companies and suppliers trust LTC to expertly engineer, manufacture, assemble, quality test, and prototype their products, applying the same commitment to excellence that they expect from themselves.