LTC Customers

There is one particular characteristic that LTC client companies share across the board: An unbending commitment to quality. A quick survey of the major names we serve proves it: These are companies who have proven their capability, strength, and value for generations – just as LTC has done.

The roster of companies we work for is almost as impressive as the work we do. LTC has been privileged to work with some of the most significant names in American manufacturing, including automotive original equipment manufacturers, Tier 1 suppliers, and other major manufacturing companies who depend upon outstanding quality in stamped and roll formed parts.

There are good reasons why these leading firms turn to LTC time and again, year after year: Satisfaction. They know they can count on us to engineer, fabricate, and deliver premium-quality precision-made parts created to the same exacting standards that they demand of themselves. They know that they can count on us for superior customer service, and that their concerns will be swiftly and attentively addressed. They know they can count on us for competence: We understand our business, we understand their needs, and we understand how to provide solutions that provide optimal value – and outstanding results!

Our customers include: