Solution-Centered Engineering and Product Development

In the automotive business, knowledge matters. The kind of knowledge that comes from years of experience, a relentless pursuit of innovation, and an absolute commitment to excellence. That’s the knowledge that LTC specialists apply to the design, engineering, and product development projects we undertake.

Our 50 years of material utilization experience, and deep institutional knowledge, have placed us at the forefront of the industry’s shift to high strength, low-density materials. Our seasoned, highly-specialized associates, have decades of experience in working with martensite and other advanced metal formulations, enabling them to offer our customers unparalleled assistance in the engineering, design and development of their parts. LTC continually selects and trains high-potential personnel to ensure the continuous improvement and expansion of our company’s unique expertise.

Our Product-Focused Approach

We know that the quality of the products we build can be of critical importance and the safety of drivers and passengers depend on it. LTC engineers approach each job we undertake with the same systematic, meticulous process to ensure repeatability, and to purpose. We advise our customers concerning needed design or process changes and suitable materials for use. Our goal is to achieve the ideal design and manufacturing process and of producing functionally-perfect parts that can be counted on to perform precisely as designed.