LTC’s ability to produce an expanded range of precision automotive parts is enhanced by our extensive stretch bending capabilities. In conjunction with our stamping and roll forming services, stretch bending enables us to produce a wide range of parts that other manufacturers cannot. We do so with the same precision, efficiency, and attention to detail that our customers have come to rely on. ltc roll and engineering stretch bending equipment class= LTC’s extensive knowledge with new lightweight high-strength materials, tooling capabilities, and advanced engineering experience enables us to expand the range of products and processes available to automakers and suppliers. It’s these capabilities which make new generations of lighter; stronger parts not only possible, but practical from a production standpoint. Heightened efficiency, a wider range of engineering choices, and the assurance of quality translate directly into improved products. LTC has developed a proprietary tooling process that enables rapid changeout, increasing line flexibility while dramatically reducing capital and tooling costs. Fixtures can be changed in 15 to 20 minutes, enabling different parts to be run on the same line as required. The result: More Flexibility! We manufacture a wider range of products than our competitors, often with shorter lead times. From conceptualization to delivery… we provide our clients with a distinct competitive advantage.


LTC’s extensive materials expertise and long experience in working with specialized aluminum formulations and processes enables us to serve as an outstanding supplier of precision-made glass and door products. We produce glass channels, mounts, brackets, hinges and related parts that are strong, light weight, durable, and fabricated to precise tolerances. When appropriate, we can also assemble multiple parts into completed assemblies ready for immediate installation.