LTC Tubular Products:

A Smart Approach for Stronger, Lighter Vehicles

LTC makes it possible for OEMs and suppliers to approach tubular designs in a brand new way… without limits!

Tubular designs can provide remarkable rigidity and strength without excess weight. However, engineers and manufacturers have been limited in their ability to design and manufacture tubular components by the nature of tube stock available. Materials and configurations were confined to what was “on the rack” and little else. LTC is changing that, providing the opportunity to custom-manufacture tubing and tubular parts in unique shapes and configurations using modern high-strength materials.

LTC can manufacture round, square, ovular, multi-sided, triangular or any other custom tube configurations as required from Martensite, Aluminum, CRS or other high-strength materials. Our primary approach is to perform as much inline processing as possible in order to optimize the manufacturing process and provide our customers great cost savings. Often, we can even create holes and cutouts before the tube is formed, limiting the need for laser cutting or other secondary processing.

Through our proprietary processes, we are often able to replace multi-part assemblies with single parts, eliminating assembly steps and reducing possible points of weakness or vulnerability and reducing manufacturing costs. Finished parts benefit by virtue of improved uniformity. Inline, automated processing in a controlled tooling environment delivers greater repeatability than processes left to an operator’s discretion.

Some applications for LTC tubular technologies include:

  • IP Crosscar Beams
  • Bumper Beams
  • Radiator Supports
  • Underbody
  • Frame Cross Members
  • Tire Carriers
  • Frame Rails
  • Seating

From small tubes to large tubes, LTC has rolled .020 thick aluminum up to .240 thick truck frames!

Tubular Applications