Why We Need Manufacturing

Why We Need Manufacturing
Over the last century or so factories and manufacturing have staked their claim in our ever growing and inventing culture. As mass production became more and more common, the industry demonstrated its benefits. Now, it is far more common to buy something manufactured in large numbers as opposed to a unique item. Our culture and way of life have become dependent on mass production. This is not a bad thing. Here are three reasons why we need manufacturing that benefit more than the production of new items.


The Bureau of Labor released a report stating that the manufacturing industry employed over 12 million U.S. citizens in 2016. That is a substantial number of our neighbors that are involved in this industry in some manner. If those jobs were to go away, we would be faced with millions of families not having enough money to eat or support themselves. Luckily, the constant demand for manufactured goods ensures the support of those families. It is an industry that constantly has jobs available and upward motion.


There are no faster means of producing the number of goods our country demands than through mass manufacturing and production. Whether it is our automobile demand or our demand for phones, there is no other way to keep up with demand. Likewise, every year the industry releases new models and items for production. The constant cycling through of products has improved the speed of manufacturing for these items. We are a consumer culture and manufacturing answers our need for fast turnover.


As a culture, we are fascinated by the new, innovative, and undreamed. What we don’t think about is that the creation of those new products is only possible if our manufacturing abilities advance as well. So, in this way, your new car can only be as innovative as the manufacturing facility it came from. Manufacturers have to continually be advancing and improving their equipment to enable them to build the newest and brightest inventions. The past at which manufacturing advances is the pace at which the rest of our computers, cars, and phones advance. All in all, it is an exciting field to be a part of.
Manufacturing is a combination of problem-solving, high-end innovation, tactile manipulation, changing materials, and consistent work. It is a precise field that demands uniformity. Best of all, that uniformity can only come from constant innovation and adaptability. It is an exciting field that is ever growing and changing. If you would like to find out more about manufacturing give us a call at 586-465-1023. You can also find LTC Roll and Engineering on our website.