What are Rocker Panels?

What are Rocker Panels?
Rocker panels may not be a household name, but they are an important part of your car. Thanks to manufacturing, rocker panels can be produced at a pace that keeps up with our car manufacturing demands. How cars are built and assembled is not something we talk about at great length. However, we use them every day to get from point A to point B, and then back again. We can take these amazingly helpful machines for granted. Rocker panels are just one piece of a car puzzle, but without them, a car wouldn’t be a car. Because they are so vital to our daily lives, we make it a point to produce a high-quality manufactured product.

What are Rocker Panels

Rocker panels are stamped pieces of strong metal that form part of the structural body of the car. They are an integral part that runs along the side of your car between the front and rear wheel wells. Other than the roof supports, they are the only part of the structural body that connects the front and the back of your car. In other words, rocker panels keep the back of your car from separating from the front of your car. When you think of a piece of metal that you step over every time you get into your car like that it’s easy to see how we take these machines for granted.

LTC Method

LTC Roll and Engineering have a special process to create innovative new rocker panels. We have worked with leaders in OEM, engineering, and metallurgy to make them lighter, stronger, and more durable. This type of innovation is exciting because it will create safe, yet more fuel-efficient cars. We are one of the first companies to manufacture rocker panels out of roll-formed martensite. We perform fabrication and assembly completely in-house. Once delivered to the factory, the panels can go right into the vehicle. Currently, we produce our durable martensite rocker panels for four different cars within one major auto manufacturer. The unique manufacturing approach we take allows for adaptability to virtually any type of vehicle.
Rocker panels are a perfect example of a vital part of your vehicle that you can take for granted. Because of them, the front and back ends of your car, SUV, or truck stay together. At LTC Roll and Engineering we are proud to be part of the continual innovation that is the manufacturing industry. To be able to manufacture such an important piece of the puzzle in a way that is uniquely adaptable is amazing. If you would like to know more about our innovative rocker panels give us a call, 586-465-1023.