Progressive Die Stamping for the Automotive Industry

LTC Roll has become a nationally, and internationally, recognized leader in progressive die stamping. Our highly skilled and proficient team do more than make quality parts quickly, affordably, and efficiently. Moreover, our years of experience add continued value to our client’s experience. Here is an overview of what it is and why we offer it as one of our four main competencies.

What is Progressive Die Stamping?

Progressive die stamping is a widely used process for forming raw sheets of metal into varying parts for different client applications. As the name signifies, it is a process with many progressive steps. Each step builds on the one before it, to create the part our client desires. While each part has some potential variations in the process, the basic setup is similar and follows the following basic steps:
1.    First, a skilled employee inserts the strip of sheet metal into the die. Once placed correctly, the technician triggers the machine.
2.    Next, they adjust the strip and move it to the next step in the progression. The machine is then triggered again.
3.    This process is repeated over and over again throughout the shift. The number of steps in the process varies per part manufactured, but the result is the same. Once a section of metal goes through each step, the final step cuts the part of the larger sheet, which is then checked by the technician and placed with other completed parts.

What are the Benefits of Progressive Die Stamping?

One major advantage is the use of materials. The level of precision at which the dies function allows LTC Roll to get the maximum usage out of each piece of metal with the least amount of waste. This savings is better for the environment, and keeps our costs lower, which in turn keeps our prices more competitive and client-friendly. Another benefit is efficiency. Fewer people are involved in each step, allowing for more consistency and oversight of each product, making the manufacturing process efficient and much more consistent. Additionally, each machine can be used for more than just one action. Because of the capabilities of computer programming, simple command changes can be inserted to alter the function of the machine in rather quick time. Thus, making LTC Roll an agile manufacturer more capable of meeting client needs.
Maybe you’re a company looking for a quality manufacturer that uses this process? Maybe you’re looking for a manufacturing career? Or, maybe you’re just curious about the progressive die stamping and manufacturing business? Regardless of why you found us, we’d love to hear from you. Click on our LTC Roll webpageto contact us, give us a call, or use the simple form on the right side of the page to send us a note. We can’t wait to see how we can serve you and your team.