Why Manufacturing Isn’t a Dirty Word

Why Manufacturing Isn’t a Dirty Word
The manufacturing sector of the U.S. economy continues to be an excellent career option. In the world of digital technology, most students are encouraged to move on to college at the culmination of their high school career. While school is an excellent option for some students, the manufacturing industry provides many benefits as an option over college. While it might seem that technology is taking over the world, there is still a need for tangible goods. As a result, job growth unveils the advantages of choosing the manufacturing industry as an option over college.

Benefits of Manufacturing Careers

Manufacturing jobs have come a long way. According to the National Association of Manufacturers, it is safe, clean, and efficient. With most students leaving high school to go to college, technical trades continue to drop regarding fulfilled career positions. While this might seem negative, it creates a world of opportunity for those moving into the manufacturing business. As a result, we continue to see an increased awareness of the benefits of the job. Moreover, there are hundreds of thousands of opened positions available to be filled. Therefore, individuals, with the skills and credentials to fill these positions, have a better advantage of landing a job.

In addition to the availability of manufacturing positions, these jobs pay a higher hourly rate than most entry-level jobs. Workers in manufacturing often exceed thirty dollars an hour. This pay doesn’t even include the excellent benefits you will get. Manufacturing workers are more likely to have significant employer-provided benefits. These benefits include medical insurance, paid vacation, sick and personal days, and retirement packages. Consider it a huge stress relief for you as an employee.

Specialty Fields Give Options

Just like there are many options for college majors and minors, a career in manufacturing involves several different industries and specialties. Mechanics, machinists, welders, woodworkers, biomedical engineers, and sheet metal workers are just some examples of the various fields you can choose when you decide on a career in manufacturing.

The manufacturing industry has an option for almost anyone. Workers in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics assist in the initial stage of manufacturing with product design. Production workers make design specifications and operate machinery. They oversee product quality and package and prepare goods for shipping. Installation, maintenance, and repair workers keep all the production equipment and machinery working. They are essential to a fully functioning facility.

As Baby Boomers begin to retire, opportunities to hire in the manufacturing industry will soar to new heights. As a result, this sector provides ample options over college. Take advantage of the opportunity to work in an innovative industry. If you want a career opportunity that offers competitive pay, excellent benefits, and plenty of opportunity for advancement, consider a job in the manufacturing industry. For more information, head over to LTC Roll and Engineering.