What is Automotive Metal Forming

What is Automotive Metal Forming

The art of roll forming and stamping is an interesting process that dates all the way back to 4000BC. It originated as the process known as forging in Egypt, Mesopotamia, and the Mediterranean area. In the beginning, it was just gold and silver that was forged to make jewelry and weapons. Iron only became the staple for weapons, parts, and tools in 700BC. Fast-forward to the present where the roll forming and stamping process uses many different materials. Today, leading companies that work in the field of automotive metal forming continue to perfect these processes. Automotive metal forming is a vital aspect of metal forming. Keep reading to learn more about this fascinating industry and the benefits it offers.

What Is Automotive Metal Forming

Automotive metal forming is the process of bending or shaping metal into a specific shape to create automotive parts. Metal can undergo something called plastic deformation. This means that the metal can take any shape you could imagine. Roll forming uses force to change the shape of the metal. Stamping, but, is a little different. This process incorporates a machine called a stamping press. This machine uses dies to cut metal into the shape itself. Both of these processes have their advantages when creating different automotive parts. This process creates many parts ranging from bumper beams and door frames, to seat tracks, cross sills, and brackets. Without automotive metal forming, building cars would be a difficult process; they might not even exist. For cars to work, we need parts that are contoured, and that can only happen with roll forming and stamping.

Benefits of Roll Forming and Stamping

There are many benefits of roll forming and stamping. Some of the most notable benefits are listed below.

  • It’s Affordable- Roll forming and stamping are some of the most affordable processes available. This process is what helps to keep the cost of cars as low as possible. This is due to the speed and fluidity of the assembly line. It can create amazing automotive parts faster than you would think.
  • The versatility of Materials- The roll forming and stamping processes allow you to use most materials. Some of these materials are various steel types; brass, copper, aluminum, galvanized steel, electro-galvanized steel, stainless steel, martensite, and many more.
  • It’s Precise- This is one of the biggest benefits of roll forming and stamping. The machinery is extremely precise with every part it creates. Once and a while, there will be some end flare and spring back issues. But this is not an issue when the part design is handled properly.
Even though roll forming and stamping has a rich history dating all the way back to 4000BC, it has changed dramatically. These processes have allowed companies to create strong and reliable parts for the vehicles we drive every day. When you need a company, who can help you with all of your roll forming and stamping needs, look no further than LTC Roll and Engineering.

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