The Art of Metal Stamping

The Art of Metal Stamping
Metal stamping is the process of placing flat sheets of metal into a stamping press. It forms the metal into a net shape, through a tool and die surface. In the manufacturing industry, metal stamping has evolved over the years. There is now, a world of opportunity in many different stamping-related careers. The most common career options, in metal stamping, include process engineers, die designers, diemakers, setters, and die maintenance technicians. Each metalworking professional has their own diverse set of skills that give them a competitive edge in the manufacturing industry. While you might not have realized this, the art of metal stamping has a strong presence in our lives. Without experts in the industry, many of the common items we use every day would no longer exist.

Metal Stamping in Everyday Lives

Stamping continues to dramatically change our lives. As the manufacturing industry evolves, through the assistance of technology, the manufacturing industry is constantly producing new ways of stamping. The items you use every day are likely a product of the stamping process. From small items, such as culinary utensils, to medium sized items, such as washers and dryers, tangible products that you often take for granted usually have some form of stamped parts. The car you drive to work every day is a collection of metal parts that were built specifically to meet the unique needs of your vehicle. Meticulously stamped parts comprise many of the elements found on the computer you are using to read this article.

Metal Stamping as a Profession

While metal stamping is a part of our everyday lives, not many people embrace the beauty in the expertise. Typically, sheet metal work is viewed as a dirty factory job. But, the industry has changed over the years and, from a professional level, die makers and designers now use their brain more than their hands. The tool and die industries require a certain level of perfection, in production, to function in a way that meets the needs of the customer.

When creating parts and pieces, they need to fit precisely into their designated spot. Dimensional accuracy is an integral part of the job. But, while some people look at the profession as an art form, metal stamping is a trade that involves science. Good diemakers and designers must have an excellent understanding of physics. Although the profession relies heavily on the scientific brain, it also consists of an element of creativity. Toolmakers and designers use the creative thought process to find new ways to deliver parts that function correctly.

Diemakers and designers make decisions daily that determine the profit or loss of their company. One poor decision could cost the company thousands of dollars. So, while many have dismissed the professionalism of a career in metal stamping, the job is a challenging one that requires experience, knowledge, and expertise.

How the Industry Has Changed

As with most professions, the manufacturing industry has seen incredible transformations over time. Through technology, metal stamping can deliver more complex, high-precision, custom stamping jobs than ever before. Robotics, in-die sensors, and video-inspection systems have allowed metal workers to create products they never imagined. Even the design process has become more complicated through 3D technology and software design products. As customer demands evolve, the industry of metal stamping must also evolve. It needs to meet the ever-changing demands set forth.

Metal stamping is an important process to deliver tangible products that fit into our everyday lives. As technology continues to drive the manufacturing industry to new heights, there is no telling where the art of metal stamping will go in the years to come. But, one thing is for sure. If you work in the stamping industry, you extensive training in this profession gives you the knowledge and skill to create the luxuries of today’s lifestyle.

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