Decades of Proven Roll Forming Excellence

The following decades have proven the extent of our success. Today we are one of America’s leading providers of roll formed parts and roll form tooling to the automotive industry, serving leading OEMs and suppliers. Our plants process over 800,000 pounds of steel per day in the course of two, ten-hour shifts. With over sixty coil-fed roll form lines providing up to 36-pass processing, we are capable of delivering orders ranging from a few thousand parts up to multiple millions of parts annually – all produced on time and to exact specifications.

Today, roll formed parts from LTC appear in every single full sized truck and SUV from the world’s largest automotive manufacturer. Our proprietary processes, advanced materials knowledge, and exhaustive subject matter expertise enable us to produce parts that are stronger, lighter, more durable, and more cost-effective, providing outstanding value to our customers and end users.

roll forming line at ltc roll and engineering

LTC has pioneered the tools and processes that enable successful roll forming of today’s advanced high-strength, lightweight metals. Our engineers work closely with suppliers and manufacturers to conceptualize, test, and refine the processes needed to successfully transform groundbreaking martensite aluminum, steel, and alloy formulations into reliable, durable production parts. Our expertise helps our clients to produce new generations of vehicles that are lighter, safer, and more durable – often while reducing overall costs.

LTC is big enough to do whatever needs to be done and perceptive to rapidly adapt to change. Our sophisticated, demanding customers know that they can count on LTC to deliver quality and value with every contract and with every part they produce. In the pursuit of vehicle excellence we are the customers trusted partner for quality roll form tooling and roll formed parts.

Acknowledged Roll Forming Excellence

LTC has been chosen by General Motors as the recipient of its coveted “Supplier of Excellence” Award. Beginning with the Award’s inception in 2012, LTC has received “Supplier of Excellence” designation in three successive years so far.

ltc roll and engineering rollform equipment
roll forming machine at ltc roll and engineering


  • Over 60 Roll Form Lines
  • Tishken, Yoder, and RLM equipment
  • 8-36 Pass Capability
  • 1” – 3” Spindle
  • Continuous and Compound Sweep
  • Uncoilers, Pre-Notch and Cutoff Presses
  • In-Line Laser Welding
  • Induction welding/mig/tig

Steel Types

  • Aluminum
  • Dual Phase
  • Martensite 980-1700 mpa
  • HSLA
  • Stainless Steel 300 400 Series
  • Painted Material