Why Metal Stamping is Special

Why Metal Stamping is Special
In the world of manufacturing, there are various ways to produce and assemble products. One of those production methods is metal stamping. There are many benefits to metal stamping that make it attractive to manufacturers, however not all utilize it in-house. Here at LTC Roll and Engineering, we utilize metal stamping in-house. With our clients in mind, we work to produce the best possible products for them, and stamping helps us do that. We believe three key benefits make it beneficial for our clients and us.

Reduces Handling

Where other roll form manufacturers have to send pieces and components out of their facility for forming, we possess the stamping capability in-house. This allows us to form components efficiently while reducing how many people handle the components. Other manufacturers have to think about transporting components to and from their facility, as well as whether or not the other facility has their same standards. Stamping in-house means we have full control over the process with fewer hands involved to make a mistake.

Increases Efficiency

We are able to move a component through production with no stopping or wait time. We can stamp bulkheads, brackets and similar parts, and then move them to welding and the assembly floor, all in-house. This cuts down on the overall production time for products. Everything is done at one location and from a single source. There is no waiting for another facility to complete their part of the puzzle. Once we produce a line of components, we can immediately move them to the next process.

Minimizes Cost

Metal stamping reduces production costs in a few different ways. Because we perform this process in our own facility, we cut down on material transportation costs. The final product also takes less time to be produced which cuts down on the manpower and overall cost of producing it. Minimizing production costs is always a desired benefit of manufacturing innovation and metal stamping delivers without compromising quality. By finding a manufacturer that stamps in-house, you will not only get your products sooner, but they will also cost you less.
Metal stamping creates more durable and lighter components that you can add to the overall product to increase its durability. Stamping also cuts down on production time, which means you will have your quality products sooner. At LTC Roll and Engineering, we have a wide range of precision stamping equipment. If you want to save money while still receiving durable and quality products give us a call, 586-465-1023.