What Does the Assembly Floor Look Like

What Does the Assembly Floor Look Like
If you haven’t experienced a manufacturing assembly floor before it can be a place shrouded in mystery. Is it a place filled with metal and big robots doing all the work? Are they full of sparks from welding? Are they organized or kind of a mess? Movies and pictures don’t do these places justice. The manufacturing assembly floor is where so many of the things we rely on daily are put together and readied for us. We’ve put together some information to help you understand what the assembly floor looks like.


Welding is a major part of manufacturing and especially assembling. The big and small pieces of metal that need to fit and stay together to create a finished product need a type of glue to do the job. Welding is the glue that holds all of the pieces together. And so, in a welding section of an assembly line, you are likely to see a lot of sparks. You would also likely hear the equipment warming and joining the metal pieces together. There are three main types of welding that we at LTC Roll and Engineering use, and you can read more about them here.


As you could have guessed, there are countless tools on the assembly floor. From welding equipment to grease guns, compression tools, and drills, assembly floors have more tools on them than you could count! Because the assembly process is so detailed and diverse depending on what is being assembled, different tools are necessary. You will see it all on the floor. Both high powered and hand powered tools are available on the line. Specialty tools that are designed specifically for what is being assembled might also be there.


Even though manufacturing utilizes a lot of machines and robots to manufacture various components and assemble them, people are still necessary. In fact, it wouldn’t be an assembly floor without the people who contribute their integral role. At LTC Roll and Engineering, we believe the people on the floor are the most important part of the assembly process. Machines are great and make our jobs a lot easier, but human beings are still needed and greatly appreciated.
Manufacturing assembly floors are designed in all different shapes and sizes. They can look very different depending on what is being manufactured and assembled. However, there are a few things that are always the same. Components always need to be connected, which means welding tools are involved. Of course, tools are unavoidable on the assembly floor. Because every product is different, tools of different shapes, sizes, and purposes are needed. The most important aspect of the assembly process, however, is the people.
There is no cookie cutter picture of a manufacturing assembly floor. Please take a look at our photo gallery and see what the assembly floor looks like at LTC Roll and Engineering. If you have questions about our assembly process, contact us today at 586-465-1023.