The Art of Welding

The Art of Welding
The art of welding plays a significant role in the manufacturing industry. Unfortunately, many people overlook this vital element when considering the functions of manufacturing. It often takes great skill and expertise in order to craft and fuse pieces of metal together in a way that strengthens the final product. Moreover, it takes incredible focus and practice to perfect this skill. Once a piece is fused correctly it enhances every aspect of the overall product greatly. Surprisingly, welding takes on many forms, and each is unique in its own way. At LTC Roll and Engineering, our associates utilize various types of welding techniques to provide quality to products to all of our clients.

Laser Welding

Associates at LTC Roll and Engineering typically use laser welding when building tubular products. This technique is most useful when pieces need low frequency and less penetration than provided by other processes. Because we most often utilize laser welding with our tubular products, we have made our equipment extremely adaptable. Using laser welding in-line our roll forming machines brings great cost and time savings to our customers. We’re one of very few roll forming companies with this capability. Our equipment has the ability to weld a variety of tube configurations and material types. Welding tube configurations include square, round, custom shapes, and five-sided. The adaptability of our laser welding ensures that each piece receives quality welding.

Induction Welding

For heavy gauge and high strength production, inline induction welding is usually the answer. Because of the deeply penetrative nature of induction welding, it is best suited to weight bearing components. We also utilize induction for structural elements and parts that are subject to impact or operational stress. For example, our induction welding can penetrate materials up to 6mm. This depth of penetration ensures the optimal stability and strength of the weld and product.

Resistance Welding

For thin materials and products that don’t receive a great deal of stress, we use resistance welding. By innovating this traditional technique, our associates can guarantee high-quality results. Our high-frequency resistance spot and seam welding work is consistent and durable. As with the rest of our welding processes, the finished product is durable and reliable.
The welding process we use is dependent on a variety of elements. Typically, the art of welding includes the materials used and the purpose of the finished product. At LTC Roll and Engineering, we carefully choose the most appropriate welding technique for each unique project. We know in many cases the strength of a piece is in the quality of the welding and we take care to produce strong and durable products. Our experience and innovative tools allow us to tailor each method to the individual materials and purpose. If you would like to know more about our welding methods, give us a call at 586-465-1023 today.