LTC Roll and Engineering – Manufacturing Day is Inspiring for Next Generation

LTC Roll and Engineering – Manufacturing Day is Inspiring for Next Generation

Manufacturing Day is an annual event that is held on the first Friday in October and inspires innovation in modern manufacturing technologies. This year, Manufacturing Day was held on October 5 and was supported by manufacturers around the country. The celebration provided opportunities for students, job seekers, and other community members to attend open houses and tour different plants as well as attend insightful presentations.

Inspiring the young minds

Since manufacturing is one of the top drivers of economic prosperity, it needs to be encouraged among young children as a viable career path. Manufacturing Day gives us the opportunity to bring about increased awareness and inspire the next generation. We can address any misconceptions about manufacturing as a career by opening our doors and showcasing our plants and processes. Collectively we can build a steady pipeline of qualified and diversified talent for years to come.

Innovation is the need of the day

Manufacturing has come a long way throughout the last century. Mass production has grown, and automation has allowed manufacturing tasks to become more efficient in recent times. With increasing demands of manufactured goods, innovation is the need of the day. We need young and curious minds to join the manufacturing workforce and discover and innovate from the ground up.

Manufacturing is a combination of problem-solving, innovation and consistency. With so many parts manufactured every day, quality and consistency are of the utmost importance. Innovation helps with maintaining quality and provides consistency in every manufactured piece.

We take pride in our Manufacturing Process

LTC Roll and Engineering has a longstanding reputation for excellent manufacturing in the automotive industry. We are the national leader in roll-formed metal parts for the automotive industry. We take manufacturing seriously and encourage many women associates as part of our workforce. We are also conscious of our environmental responsibility and use materials responsibly and aim towards minimizing waste. LTC’s core manufacturing capabilities are: roll forming, stamping, stretch bending, fiber laser tube cutting and bending, inline welding and assembly. To learn more about our processes, don’t hesitate to contact us today at 586-465-1023.